It is our pleasure to introduce our self. We are into training of “Vedic Maths & Abacus Academy”, We have established in 2008. Till date we have trained 100000+ students.

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Vedic Maths & Abacus

Our objective is to improve schools results by solving Mathematical related problems of each individual subject and make the studies easier and create interest in it. Normally students are facing some common problems in maths and specific problems in every individual subject. Those problems are making studies hard even for good students and harder for slow learners that affect the students’ skills, attitude toward studies and schools’ results. We have sorted out some important problems and providing its solutions and continuously working on more problems and solutions.

Good Reviews from Clients

Removes phobia of Maths and students’ written feedbacks will be the evidence of our claim. Stimulating interest in studies and parents’ feedbacks has been the evidence of this claim. Improve academic competence and results and schools’ management have always acknowledged it. Increase the ability of solving problems and reducing time.

Professional Trainers and a Conducive Environment

We ensure each of our trainers are seasoned and well grounded in their field. We not only have professional trainers we also provide a very conducive learning environment because we understand that people learn faster in calm and comfortable spaces. Our training centre strives to give you the privacy you need and also provides access to one-on-one tutoring from a designated trainer.


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